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Ensuring the safety of your funds.

RBinary Compliance Department helps to ensure that your funds are safe in your RBinary trading account. We do this by using a strict process of identification. Our Compliance department is dedicated to making sure that no one else is attempting to register with your account details, and also that none of our accounts are funded by the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

Part of this procedure requires that we segregate each client’s funds in order to keep them separate both from those of other clients, and from the Company’s own funds. Upon receipt of a client’s money, the Company will promptly place such funds into one or more Segregated Client Accounts.

Required Documents

The documents required for your account verification are:

  1. Color copy of a valid Government issued Photo I.D., front and back (i.e. Identification Card/Driver License/Passport). ID
  2. Color copy of a Utility Bill up to six months old, showing your name and address (i.e. Water/Gas/Electricity/Telecommunications bill, etc.).

    Alternatively, you can send a copy of any of the following documents. It must also be up to six months old:

    • Bank/Credit card Statement.
    • Tax statements or local authority tax bill.
    • Government issued proof of address.
  3. If you are unable to send a valid copy of such a bill or statement, please send a notarized document stating your name and current address, no more than six months old.

  4. Color copy of your Credit Card, showing only the name, expiration date, last four digits on the front and the signature on the back. For your reassurance, please ensure that all other details are concealed.

What file formats are accepted?

Documents submitted for verification can be in any of the following formats:


How to submit documents?

Rbinary document submission system can easily be found in the “My Account” webpage.

For any further assistance please contact the Customer Support Department via Live Chat.

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